About us

The Halo Sugar team began their own personal journey to health a few years before the launch of the Halo Sugar brand.

We were content with our savoury choices but struggled to find something sweet to have with our morning coffee and dessert, so due to the lack of no sugar Chocolate and sweets out there we decided to embark on a journey to create something for us & the keto community to enjoy.

We struggled with many different chocolate recipes until we created the perfect one. A lot of time & effort was put into creating the perfect chocolate recipe; we ordered ingredients and equipment from around the world, spent late nights experimenting & documenting.

The passion to deliver a healthy & delicious chocolate bar was motivated due to the Keto community being in demand of variety in their diet and their motivation to stay on track of their health goals.

We believe that being healthy doesn’t mean eating boring and being miserable, it’s just about having variety & enjoying them whilst not compromising your goals.

We have delivered to bring you hand crafted Keto Milk Chocolate that is delicious and good for you, using freshly crushed organic cacao nibs and superfood ingredients. Our ingredients are not numbers but rather ingredients you are happy and familiar with.

We aim to bring our community & any individual looking to better their health with more deliciousness & variety in the future.

We are constantly active on Instagram, please follow us on our journey and keep up to date with us on our Halo Sugar Instagram page.


The Halo Sugar team.